JOIN Our CTO & Help Make a Difference

InterMed IPA CTO is a UNIQUE Care Transformation Organization (CTO) formed by a group of independent primary care physicians who understand firsthand the obstacles that clinicians face every day in providing comprehensive quality care to their patients.

We assist practices with the primary drivers of advanced primary care including:

  • Access and Continuity of Care
  • Care Management
  • Comprehensiveness and Coordination of Care
  • Care for Planned Health Outcomes
  • Beneficiary/Caregiver Experience.

With decades of experience working in a diverse range of clinical environments, our interdisciplinary support team understands that each practice is unique in its own individual strengths and needs.

Above all, our CTO seeks to deliver the best possible care to our patients, working tirelessly in this fast-paced constantly evolving medical environment to do so.

So come join us now and together we will make a difference!


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